BOOST your metabolism.


INCREASE your energy.


We combined matcha with cognitive enhancing nootropics to create a super drink that will replace your daily coffee habit with something far more powerful.


We combined matcha with cognitive enhancing nootropics to create a super drink that will replace your daily coffee habit with something far more powerful.

Burn 15% more calories with matcha

Scientifically proven to help you get leaner, faster


Coffee by itself can cause anxiety & jitters. Matcha, on the other hand, contains a massive amount of L-theanine, a supplement that lets you receive the energy & concentration benefits of caffeine, without the come down, jitters, and anxiety.


Matcha has been used for hundreds of years in Asia as a natural focus and cognitive enhancer. A dose of Korean Panax Ginseng boosts your mind's natural cognitive abilities, reduces fatigue, and is a natural aphrodisiac. 


A formula that works great as a pre-workout. L-citrulline will increase blood flow to give you a massive pump at the gym, but is also helpful for keeping your body / heart working more efficiently day to day. Matcha helps you burn more fat and boosts your metabolism.


Studies have shown that including matcha in your diet could increase your antioxidant intake, which may help prevent cell damage and even lower your risk of several chronic diseases

No Sugar Added

No Nuts / Eggs


Keto Friendly

From the mind of 

Kevin Kreider 

(Star of Netflix's Bling Empire)

From humble beginnings, I went from being a fitness coach & model to speaking about mental health and wellness, especially in the Asian American community. From there, I was asked to film a documentary, “The Ugly Model,” which led me to being cast in Netflix’s show, “Bling Empire.” 

Matcha has been one of the core tenets of my physical and mental health, which is how I created Be More. Check out our about page for more info.


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  • Is this drink already sweet?

Yes, we’ve used zero calorie and natural sweeteners to sweeten this drink. If it’s too sweet, mix with extra water or milk substitute to dilute the taste.

  • Does this drink contain caffeine?

Yes. This product contains caffeine.

  • How often can I take this?

We recommend you take this daily, up to twice a day depending on your energy needs for the day. Depending on your tolerance to caffeine / body weight, you may need to take more. Experiment with your dosage to see what works for you.

How much is too much?

We recommend no more than 4 scoops of this in one day, however people with different body sizes may have different tolerance levels. It would take a very large amount of this product to start feeling adverse effects, since matcha generally gives a natural energy boost and l-theanine naturally removes the caffeine jitters, but if you find yourself feeling overly jittery or feel sick to the stomach, you should stop taking this product. 

  • Is this easy to make?

Simply add 8 oz of water (or milk / milk substitute) to one scoop, and mix. A blender works, but a regular mixing spoon works great too. You can also try making smoothies by adding bananas and other fruits. 

  • What is your refund policy?

We will accept refunds on unopened product within 30 days. For cases where product is damaged or orders have some kind of issue, we can send a new product. Please contact to initiate a refund.

  • My order is messed up somehow! What can I do?

We will re-send any wrong orders. We can also send a refund within 30 days of receiving the order.

  • How quick is shipping?

Due to COVID-19, there may be more delays than usual during shipping. Generally shipping will take less than 5 days domestically (in the US), but internationally the time will vary depending on where you’re from - generally it will take 7-14 days for international shipping.